The Commonwealth Chorale of Virginia

"Cultural Jewel in the Heart of Virginia"

Originally founded in 1975 by Ms. Norma Williams, The Commonwealth Chorale has truly established itself as "The Cultural Jewel in the Heart of Virginia." Each year, The Commonwealth Chorale performs some of the most well known choral works, including Handel's Messiah, Orff's Carmina Burana, and many of Bach's compositions.


The mission of the Commonwealth Chorale is to present the

greatest classic choral repertoire in Southside Virginia. We perform with

a high degree of musical skill framed by strict fiscal responsibility.

Young people are included in our singing. Our performers and audiences are

exclusively from Southside Virginia. Our diverse board governs all

aspects of our activities, from repertoire to fundraising.


Over the years, there has been constant reference to "our sound"--from London to Vienna; from Berlin to Rome; Champs-Elysees to a Royal Gala at the Monnaie; live on WFMT Chicago satellite for over 200+ million listeners over 40 operatic roles and countless concerts. This is where "our sound" comes from.

Standing ovations in Lynchburg; hushed audiences here; professional musicians from elsewhere found our work astonishing--who we are and what we do. The Commonwealth Chorale has followed to a "T" our quest to present famed choral works as our carefully planned mission. There is no group like us--so exciting, so dedicated and so committed to seriously move into this new digital age.

We face now an audience of quality and quantity. Ready-made listening can never compare to a live performance...Our Bach Christmas Oratorio was without peer while our measure of Lamentation was unique with discovery and timely dignity.

With great pride in what we have done, let us now join hands and step into our future with excitement, dedication and commitment to our mission.